With wildfires in California, elections nearing, high electric bills and the 26% Solar Tax Credit expiring, both Biden (2020) and Clinton (2015) have called for 500m solar panels. Yet few politicians’ homes have solar. Challenge our Politicians to take Personal and Professional action now.

The White House Had Solar in 1979 Thanks to Jimmy Carter

Reagan pulled them down.
Bush put some solar back up.
Obama put on more solar.

Trump’s properties would save with solar.

Challenge America's Leaders to Lead by Example

Getting solar on their homes would motivate more political action.

10 Governor’s Mansions have solar.

Why not all 49 of them?

This is Michigan’s Mansion with solar.

Ohio's Governor's Mansion - First in the Nation

Republicans were the first to get solar on a Governor’s Mansion.

At the 2003 Ohio State Fair, First Lady Hope Taft (wife of Republican Governor Bob Taft) brought the idea of a photovoltaic or solar electric system at the Ohio Governor’s Residence to Green Energy Ohio.

The project was completed in 2004 and dedicated on October 15, the day before the 2nd Annual Ohio Solar Tour.

Source: GreenEnergyOhio.org

California's Governor's Mansion with Solar

They were installed in 2015.

10 years ago, when oil was spilling into the Gulf, President Obama was challenged to install solar at The White House. He did.

We need to replace polluting smoke stacks and tail pipes,

with zero-emission solar panels and vehicles.

Coal-Powered Electric Plant Smoke Stacks

Coal-fired electricity plant smoke stacks hide where people don’t often see them

Tweet to the Department of Energy:

Governor Charlie Crist of FL gets solar on the Governor's Mansion

In 2007, Republican Florida Governor, Charlie Crist, proudly displays solar on the Governor’s Mansion.

Congratulate Charlie for getting solar:

Florida neighbor, Trump National Doral Miami, would save the Donald a huuuge amount of money with solar on that large roof real estate. It even has a Tesla Destination Charger.

Challenge Trump Doral to get solar:

“With extreme wildfires still burning in the state, Newsom says fighting climate change is an emergency.”

from the NPR article on 9/23/2020 titled California Governor Signs Order Banning Sales Of New Gasoline Cars By 2035.

Gavin Newsom

CA Governor

Governor Newsom also signed a law to mandate new homes have solar starting in 2020 (LA Times), but existing homes are the main users of electricity, much from dirty coal powered plants. His own home doesn’t have solar on it either. That’s why we need to challenge our political leaders to do more now. See for yourself below.

Home of Gavin Newsom

California Governor Gavin Newsom would save money with solar.

Challenge Gavin to get solar:

Bernie Sanders' Home Has Solar

Senator Bernie Sanders is saving money with solar.

Congratulate Bernie for getting solar:

Bill and Hillary Clinton's Home

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s NY home would save money with solar.

Challenge the Clinton’s to get solar:

Al Gore's Home with Solar

Former VP Al Gore’s home saves money and the environment with solar.

Congratulate Al for getting solar:

Home of Kamala Harris

VP Candidate Kamala Harris would save money with solar.

Challenge Kamala to get solar:

George Bush's Green Ranch

Former President George W. Bush’s Ranch was so geo-friendly it didn’t need solar. (Source: Snopes.com “A Tale of Two Houses”)

Congratulate George for going green:

The Home of Joe Biden

Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden would save money with solar.

Challenge Joe to get solar:

Trump's Mar-a-Lago Home

Trump’s Official Residence in FL at Mar-A-Lago would save money with solar.

Challenge Trump to get solar:

See More American Politician’s Homes

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    7. There are only 49 Mansions because Rhode Island has never had a Governor’s mansion
    8. Some states don’t currently have an active Mansion, so the latest one was mapped. Source: Wikipedia.

    Politician’s Homes Solar Survey Map

    Are America’s Leaders, Leading by Example?


    Past 10 Years with Expensive Natural Disasters

    (Source: Wikipedia)


    Politician's Homes With Solar

    (Source: Google and Google Maps)


    U.S. Electricity Generation from Solar

    (Source: Solar.com)


    Avg. Electricity Cost Savings With Solar

    (Source: SEIA.com)


    Amount Down to Get Solar with a Loan

    (Source: Powur.com)

    Wouldn’t you like to see our politicians get solar on their homes too? They want us to sign-up for their policies, so let’s challenge them to sign-up for solar by making your voice heard online. ShareTweetLink or Email your solar challenge to them with a link to this website and the hashtag #SolarPowerChallenge

    Make sure you’re also leading by example by getting solar for your home now before the tax credit expires.

    “The Energy Commission estimates that solar panels will save homeowners an average of $19,000 over 30 years” (LA Times) and add $15,000 to the value of a home (Berkeley Lab).

    Time until the 22% Federal Income Tax Credit Goes to 0.








    Got an electric bill over $100/m?



    we challenge you to

    save with solar now,

    before the tax credit expires and

    before more natural disasters occur.